RRP Proguard Mini Rear

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ProGuard REAR – Cable Tie fitment

The ProGuard MINI REAR is primarily designed to protect your shock, linkages and bearings from getting hammered at high velocity from mud and spray off the back wheel, it’s not designed to protect the rest of the bike or the rider.

There are multiple fitting options via snap-off holes and wide holes on the arms that allow for angle adjustment for various seatstay configurations.

RRP's design intent was to increase the tire clearance, improve fit, and reduce the mud clogging issues seen with this type of mudguard. 

325mm long 64g (without cable ties)

Customize your ProGuard Rear with coloured decals, available in; White, Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Neon Green Cyan, Turquoise, Purple and Magenta.


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