Supporting MTB and Trail Associations

We asked the question: How can we sell these awesome mountain bike products and support mountain biking communities at the same time?

Answering this question led us to launching the Reciprocators Trail Maintenance Donation Program.

Reciprocators Trail Maintenance Donation Program.


What is Reciprocators? is an online shop and distributor founded and operated in North Vancouver by a couple of outdoor enthusiasts. We love spending time in the mountains and the oceans.

Our mission with reciprocators is simple: Make the opportunity for people to buy some great products and feel good about the purchase.

  • We are very proud to represent Rapid Racer Products in Canada and the United States. You will find our products are well priced and shipping prices are either free or subsidized to save you money.
  • Once an order is delivered we share the sale proceeds with the good cause or charity 

What is the Reciprocators Trail Maintenance Donation Program?

A mountain biking association can communicate to its members and followers about MTB products such as the RRP Proguard fender or the RRP Bearing Press and Extraction tool.  When someone makes a purchase, the mountain biking association receives a donation worth 10% of the order value. Which based on our average order value this means the association receiving an  average donation of $11 for every order.

Note the Trail Maintenance Donation Program is only available for MTB and trail associations in USA and Canada.

What's the catch? 

There is no catch.

We all believe in supporting the trails, and this is another thing we can do to help.

RRP's Proguard and Bearing press and extractor tool are respectively "best in class" compared to alternatives and their success has been from word of mouth.

Take mountain bike fenders for example, there are several available but every reviewer, media article, bike store and customer who has got their hands on an RRP Proguard decided the Proguard is the best MTB fender when compared to other hugging style fenders. 
So in a quest to continue spreading the word about the best MTB fenders available, we have set up this program to help support the maintenance of the trails we ride.
RRP prove to make great mountain bike products
How does the Reciprocators affiliate program work?
1) The MTB or trail association just needs to sign up to receive Reciprocators Trail Maintenance Donations.
2) They are given a unique Reciprocators website link to share with their community, friends, members, followers.
3) The Reciprocators system tracks the purchases and the links that the purchasers followed, so the trail association will receive a commission from orders whereby the purchaser has followed their unique link to online store.
How and when does the association get paid?
Association administrators have an easy to use dashboard to track referral commissions and can receive email notifications every time they earn a commission. Reciprocators payout donations automatically via PayPal every couple of weeks.

Learn more and register your mountain bike or trail association