About Reciprocators


1. Something or someone that gives and takes mutually or reciprocally.

About Reciprocators

Reciprocators.ca sells outdoor gear and supports great causes. We are a family run business, founded in North Vancouver, B.C, Canada by a Liette and Phil Mowatt. We love spending time in the mountains and the oceans.

Our mission with reciprocators is simple: Provide an opportunity for people to buy great products and support worthy organizations with their transactions.

  • You will find our products are well priced and shipping prices are either free or subsidized.
  • Once your order is delivered we share the sale proceeds with the good cause.

Shop to Support. What does that mean to us?

It's simple, every time you purchase from reciprocators.ca we share proceeds with a good cause. 

We have build an affiliate partner system to host programs like our Trail Maintenance Donation Program which was created for trail associations to receive a donation every-time one of their community purchases from reciporocators.ca. Learn more and register your organization to receive donations

Which other good causes does Reciprocators support?

- Search and rescue

- Animal shelters

- Ocean wellness

- Operations supporting under privileged youth 


Our office & HQ is at 4313 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7G 1L71

Contact us:info@reciprocators.ca