RRP Proguard Range

The ProGuard is our amazing new range of FRONT and REAR mudguards for disc brake mountain bikes offering unmatched protection from mud and spray, it’s perfect for Enduro or Downhill racers and essential for the weekend warrior looking for the very best protection. Our design intent was to increase the tyre clearance, improve fit, and reduce the mud clogging issues seen with this type of mudguard. The STANDARD offers superb protection in a shorter more compact design, whereas the longer MAX PROTECTION version (21mm longer at front and 68mm longer at the rear) offers incredible unmatched levels of protection especially for high speed racing.

"Tom didn’t get any shit in his eyes all winter, no glasses, super wet, crazy muddy, nothing on face, it will protect you and your bike from the very worst of conditions "- Enduro-mtb Magazine review

" You’ll be treated to a lesson in mud guarding, it offers fantastic protection to the downtube keeping your face clear of grime, the ProGuard is a winter winner" IMBike Magazine review

"No goggles no problem" Glyn O’Brien

"The reduced mud in your face was so noticeable we headed for the biggest puddles we could find to get mud in our face to no avail. Does EVERYTHING it claims to do. Majorly impressed" Pinned TV

"Can honestly say this mudguard is bloody awesome! "Tim Ponting

"Props to British company rapidracerproducts they have created an awesome new front fender" rogue_mtb


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